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DoD Releases Quadrennial Roles and Missions Review Report

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A cursory read through this document speaks more to continuity than anything else, although the ordering, emphasis and importance of DoD Core Mission Areas and Core Competencies will provide the most enduring outputs.  Another interesting emphasis in the document could be called Operations Other than War, or the application of soft power, something that many interested onlookers have anticipated from the new leadership at the Pentagon.  To say that the application of soft power is new with regard to the GWOT would be a misnomer, as the strategy shift accompanying the “surge” in Iraq also involved an increased use of soft power to bring factions to the table.  If nothing else, this document alludes to an increasing of DoD responsibilities in stability and reconstruction.

Here is a brief look at Core Mission Areas and Core Competencies

Core Mission Areas:

1) Homeland Defense and Civil Support

2) Deterrence Operations

3) Major Combat Operations

4) Irregular Warfare

5) Military Support to Stabilization, Security, Transition, and Reconstruction Operations

6) Military Contribution to Cooperative Security

Core Competencies

1) Force Application

2) Command and Control

3) Battlespace Awareness

4) Net Centric

5) Building Partnerships

6) Protection

rstearns @ January 29, 2009

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