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Sue Payton Interview: “Has consolidation gone too far? My personal opinion is, yes, it has,”

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Interesting comments from the much beleaguered Pentagon acquisition chief.  The full interview with Amy Butler can be found here.

Key points:

- “I think that the environment is going to get better because from the top down you have to have an integrated approach to requirements, program acquisition and funding. And, it takes the secretary of Defense or a [deputy Defense secretary] to bring all of those groups together.”

- Payton says a panel is formulating options for another forthcoming attempt to compete the KC-135 tanker replacement between Boeing, likely offering the 767, and an Airbus A330 design, which won in February 2008.

- In this environment, with a shrinking procurement corps and heightened scrutiny, the defense industry has consolidated at the behest of the Pentagon, sharply reducing competition in the marketplace. Payton says that during her conversations with the Obama transition team, officials expressed concern “about the lack of competition and the diminishing of our organic workforce in acquisition.”

G2 Solutions @ January 20, 2009

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